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What should I send to nursery with my child?

If your child is having a Packed lunch, please ensure it is healthy ie no sweets , chocolate, chocolate biscuits or fizzy pop. If you are unsure please refer to the school website or ask a member of staff.  

Children in Nursery receive a piece of fruit as part of the Government’s Fruit Scheme. There will be access to drinking water throughout the day as well as milk, so they do not need any additional drinks or snacks.  

We will be playing outside the classroom whatever the weather so please make sure your child always has suitable wet weather clothing with them. Please make sure all your children’s clothes/wellies/hats/gloves etc are labelled. 

If the weather is hot please ensure your child comes to school with all day sun cream already applied and they have a named sun hat.  

If your child is prone to accidents, could you also send some spare clothing in a bag. (our supplies are limited).  

We would appreciate it if your child’s shoes are pull ons or Velcro – please NO LACES! 


What are the arrangements for lunchtime? 

Lunchtime starts at 11:45 and finishes when all the children have finished their lunch. The children will eat their lunch together in the dinner hall whether they have school dinner or packed lunch. A member of the teaching staff will stay with the children at all times.  


Will my child be able to bring their favourite toy to school with them? 

No. We encourage children not to bring toys to school, as they may get lost or broken. 


How can I help my child to succeed and be happy in Nursery? 

Talk to your child and listen to what they have to say. Read together with them as often as possible and let them see you reading, even if this is instructions or information in the supermarket. 

Count things together and talk about size, shape and colours.  

Establish a good bedtime routine and make sure they eat breakfast.  

If there are any changes in family circumstances, please let us know as this could affect any changes in your child’s behaviour.  



This is our brilliant online observation tool. All parents have access to this but you can only see your child’s learning unless it is an whole group activity. You are also encouraged to contribute as we value children’s learning at home too. You can also use this to communicate to us. We will also put our half-termly newsletters on Tapestry.  



Please don’t be surprised if the children’s initial eagerness to attend wavers after the first few weeks. Attending Nursery either full-time or part time can be very tiring, particularly for the younger children. You can help by remaining positive and promoting good bedtime routines and plenty of sleep.  However, you know your child best, and if you have any concerns or information you feel would help your child to settle, please do not hesitate to speak to us. Let us know if anyone different is picking up your child by speaking to a member of staff.  

Likewise, if you have any questions or worries remember that we are here to help. 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Smith, Miss Sykes, Mrs Nelson, Miss Bruce

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