Governor Roles

Governing Board Roles and Responsibilities


Name of Governor






Nic Walsh

(Chair of Governors)


Chair/ Support to Finance Governor







· Designated governor for Health and Safety

· Responsible for monitoring internal and external site inspections on an annual basis

· Responsible for monitoring any premises related spending with the Finance governor

· Responsible for evaluating that the school abides by legal health and safety requirements

· Evaluating the results of regular fire safety checks

· Monitor school accessibility

  • To sign off and monitor the site development plan







Sally Hilton

(Parent Governor)


Pastoral Governor


· Designated Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor

· Monitoring education experience and progress for the following groups -

- Those currently under section 17, 31 and 47 of the Children Act

- Children with Special Educational Needs

- Children Identifying as BME

- Children identifying as one of the LGBTQA groups

- Pupil Premium Children

-Pupils with medical conditions

  • Responsible for requesting any pastoral related spending to Finance governor


Jonathan Brookes

(Foundation Governor)



Performance Governor


· Responsible for monitoring the performance management processes for the head teacher and all staff in the school.

· Delivering the head teacher performance review

· Governor lead on recruitment of head teacher and appointment of senior management positions

· Monitoring CPD and Training records

· Responsible for monitoring any pastoral related spending with the Finance governor

  • Investigating officer for school complaints













· Responsible for evaluating school budget

· Monitor school spending requests

· Evaluating annual Schools financial value standard (SFVS) with the head teacher

· Named governor to consult before financial agreements with third parties

· Monitor procurement requests

· Monitoring efficiency and value for money

  • Governor liaison to PTA



Karen Weddle

(Associate Governor)





Caroline Johnson






Vacancy (Parent Governor)





Vacancy (Community Governor)





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