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Would you like to be a Parent Governor?


Dear Parent/Carer,

A Parent Governor vacancy has arisen on the Governing Board of the school.  This vacancy will be filled by election and the successful candidate will serve for a four-year term of office.

Governors support the school in a variety of ways in addition to attending Governing Board meetings. It is a very important and worthwhile job
and requires a commitment to the school and time to spare to attend meetings, visit school and attend relevant training sessions. 

Please state any relevant skills or areas of expertise that you have which you feel would be of benefit to the school. 

All parents of pupils at the school can stand for election and vote, except those who are:

  • employed at the school for 500 hours, or more, in a year; or
  • elected members of Leeds City Council.

If you are interested in being a parent governor, you can nominate yourself or, with their permission, another parent with a child at the school.
ask the Headteacher or school office for a nomination form and return it by

Friday 21st September 2018.

If there are more candidates than vacancies, an election will be needed and ballot forms will be sent to you, together with details of the candidates.
All parents of pupils at the school have a vote.

Please note that there are important restrictions on who can become a Governor e.g. are below 18 years of age at the date of the election, bankrupts and those sentenced to a term of three months, or more, in prison in the last five years.

Further advice on eligibility, or the work of governing bodies, can be obtained from the Headteacher on telephone: 0113 2647514.


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