Governor Roles

Finance & Pay PAC Premises Health and Safety HT Performance Management

 Jonathan Brookes (chair)
 Ian McAleese
  Caroline Johnson (headteacher)

 Steph Selwood 
 Briege Cothay
Rev Creamer
 Caroline Johnson
(head teacher)
 Gary Batley
 Tony Cross (Chair)
 John scouller
 Caroline Johnson
(head teacher)
Ben Cole
Kate Walker
Jonathan Brookes
Responsible for  Staffing & Finance ,  Pay & Appraisal Policy  Responsible for  Monitoring    Progress & the  School  Development Plan
 Responsible for Buildings &  Health & Safety  
Confirmation of Governors with Specific  Responsibilities 
Ben Cole & Steph Selwood - Chair of Governors Role of Chair 
Steph Selwood -  Safeguarding/child protection Governor Role of the Safeguarding Governor
Tony Cross - Vice chair of governors, Attendance & PE Role of the Vice Chair of Governors / Role of the Attendance Governors
John Scouller - Evolve & equalities governor Role of the Evolve governor/ Role of the equalities governor
Gary Batley -  Health & Safety  Role of the Health And Safety Governor
Jonathan Brookes  - Colton Kids Club Governor & Training Governor Role of the Colton Kids Club Governor
Rev Creamer - PSHE Governor Role of the PSHE Governor
Ben Cole - Looked after Child Governor Role of LAC governor
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